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Startup CFO Services

Step into your role as a confident business builder – with expert financial support and strategies from our CFOs.

Take Charge of Your Company’s Financial Future

You’re eager to expand your startup, but you’re not sure how to align your business moves with your growth goals.

With our startup CFO services, you’ll make all the right financial decisions to drive your business forward. Our professional finance advisors assist in:


  • Setting up an accounting system and controls
  • Reporting and navigating your current cash flow
  • Forecasting and planning for your company’s future
  • Strategizing for a money-saving tax season
  • Optimizing your long-term profits

Start and Scale Your Business Strategically

Partner with Potrus CPA and get the financial leadership, expertise, and flexibility your business needs to succeed.

Make Informed Business Moves

Get expert guidance to develop a strategic growth plan and avoid the compliance risks.

Keep More of Your Earnings

Save money during tax season with optimized tax strategies for incentives, credits, and deductions.

Scale Smoothly

Transition to full-scale accounting easily with our CPA-backed CFO services.

CFO Consulting for Early-Stage Companies

Give your business the seasoned financial advisory support it deserves – without the commitment and cost of hiring a full-time CFO. We offer in-person Orange County or virtual CFO services.
  • Starting at $5,000/month

Saving Small Business Owners Time and Money

Just ask the CEOs we’ve helped in-person and online.

Alan Potrus,CPA